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Whether you need to schedule service or a repair

Fiberglass Pool Pros will be there!

At Fiberglass Pool Pros you will be met by our friendly and skilled staff that deliver world-class service and repairs on anything pool-related. No job is too large or small for us, and with our many years of experience, we are sure to provide professional quality work, every time. 

Whether you need your pool resurfaced for that fresh, clean, and new look, or you need the fiberglass bulges or plaster cracks repaired, we have the tools and knowledge to do a great job at competitive rates. We can make sure your old pool looks as good as new, increasing the level of enjoyment you get out of your pool, as well as increasing the attractiveness of the property, and potentially even the house value in a potential sale. 

We also offer maintenance services where we perform an extensive check on all your pool-related mechanical and electrical units. From maintaining pumps and filters to fixing LED lights and leaks, our full-service philosophy leaves every customer happy. By choosing us you get the advantage of having one company perform all the pool-related tasks, saving costs and time in the process. We will also get to know your pool system extensively and over time be able to diagnose any potential issues, saving you expensive repairs down the line. 

If you’ve been blessed with a new child on the way, you might want to consider installing pool ladders, handrails, and other safety features around the pool to minimize the potential for accidents. We have many years of experience improving the accessibility and safety of pool areas, so feel free to contact us for a free consultation and quote. 

If your pool needs draining, it is important that you do so by using the proper techniques and methods, since there is a risk of fiberglass pools cracking if done wrong. If you’d rather save the trouble of doing this manual work yourself, we can drain and prepare your fiberglass pool for winter seasons, a deep clean, or whatever else you might need. 

We repair and replace motors, filters, pumps, cartridges, and anything else that might be worn or damaged on your pool system, and if we don’t already have the part in stock, we have connections in every area of the industry that can source the parts quickly and efficiently.

after New white plaster with blue quartz & new pool tile

Fiberglass pool resurfacing

Resurface fiberglass pools with new white, light blue or medium blue fiberglass

Fiberglass bulge and crack repairs

Repair and reinforce existing bulges and cracks in fiberglass pool

after New white plaster with blue quartz & new pool tile

Resurfacing of plaster pools

Is the plaster in your pool rough, cracked, or faded? It may be time to resurface your existing plaster with new plaster, plaster with blue quartz, or pebble tech.

Spa and Pool Light installation

Get your outdated pool and spa light replaced with new color LED pool lights or a standard white pool light.

Deck resurfacing

Damage from UV rays, heavy usage, and storms hitting your deck are inevitable and must be dealt with. There are alternatives such as cool deck textures, stamped concrete, and stained concrete. We can customize your deck around your pool without spending a fortune while raising the value of your home.

Concrete bust out and repour

We take pride in offering the highest quality of concrete available. Concrete can be cheap but cheap concrete is not good. Let a professional at Fiberglass Pool Pros explain the differences in concretes.

Tile cleaning & replacement

Let’s face it- we all hate it when our tile gets calcium buildup, or tiles start falling off. Let’s look at the options of repairing your existing tiles or replacing the old tile with a new, more modern tile.

Coping replacement, repairs or new install

Fiberglass Pool Pros offers different natural stone copings including Oklahoma Flagstone, Pennsylvania Flagstone, Arizona Flagstone, Lueders Limestone, Travertine, and brick coping.

Installation of pool ladders & hand rails

Let us install ladders or handrails to help keep you and your guests safe around your pool.

Leak detection & pool leak repairs

Is your pool losing water? Getting full leak detection and repairing the leaks early can save you thousands of dollars in damages to your pool.

Salt System installation & repair

Most customers prefer a Salt System to finally be rid of the burning eyes caused by chlorine and in the long run you save more money with a Salt System. We can convert your existing chlorine system into a Salt System.

Acid washing of pool

Remove unsightly stains from your pool with an acid wash.

after Fiberglass pool resurfacing with light blue fiberglass

Pool draining & cleaning

Never drain your fiberglass pool on your own. Let us professionals properly brace, secure, drain and acid wash your pool.

Plumbing repair & replacement

If the leak in your pool is found to be a plumbing leak, we can repair it or replace the leaking item if needed.

Sand changes

Why replace your pool filter sand? The pool pump pulls dirty water to the filter where it passes through the sand to trap contaminants. The clean water flows back into the pool. When pool filter sand is weathered smooth it doesn’t have any jagged edges to grab and hold contaminants.

D.E. filter clean

We all know sunscreen will help protect your skin, but did you know that the filmy layer in your pool after you swim is from sunscreen? You need your DE changed on a regular basis to properly filter out pool contaminants including sunscreen.

Filter cleaning & replacement

Without proper scheduled filter cleaning, your water will be cloudy and you won’t be able to clean it no matter what chemicals you use.


New Pool Construction

Your swimming pool needs to be an extension of your home. Finding the best size, shape, or look for your home can be complex with nearly limitless options. Our in-house swimming pool designers specialize in transforming your dream into the ideal pool for your space.


New Spa Construction

Whether you are needing a relaxing escape from a stressful day, relief from chronic pain, or a convenient way to add exercise to your schedule, Master Spas hot tubs and swim spas are designed with your well being in mind. We’ll help you find the right fit for you and your entire family.

Whether you need a scheduled service or a repair

Fiberglass Pool Pros will be there!

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