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At Fiberglass Pool Pros you will be met by our friendly and skilled staff that deliver world-class service and repairs on anything pool-related. No job is too large or small for us, and with our many years of experience, we are sure to provide professional quality work, every time. 

Whether you need your pool resurfaced for that fresh, clean, and new look, or you need the fiberglass bulges or plaster cracks repaired, we have the tools and knowledge to do a great job at competitive rates. We can make sure your old pool looks as good as new, increasing the level of enjoyment you get out of your pool, as well as increasing the attractiveness of the property, and potentially even the house value in a potential sale. 

We also offer maintenance services where we perform an extensive check on all your pool-related mechanical and electrical units. From maintaining pumps and filters to fixing LED lights and leaks, our full-service philosophy leaves every customer happy. By choosing us you get the advantage of having one company perform all the pool-related tasks, saving costs and time in the process. We will also get to know your pool system extensively and over time be able to diagnose any potential issues, saving you expensive repairs down the line. 

If you’ve been blessed with a new child on the way, you might want to consider installing pool ladders, handrails, and other safety features around the pool to minimize the potential for accidents. We have many years of experience improving the accessibility and safety of pool areas, so feel free to contact us for a free consultation and quote. 

If your pool needs draining, it is important that you do so by using the proper techniques and methods, since there is a risk of fiberglass pools cracking if done wrong. If you’d rather save the trouble of doing this manual work yourself, we can drain and prepare your fiberglass pool for winter seasons, a deep clean, or whatever else you might need. 

We repair and replace motors, filters, pumps, cartridges, and anything else that might be worn or damaged on your pool system, and if we don’t already have the part in stock, we have connections in every area of the industry that can source the parts quickly and efficiently.

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